Baby Aspirin during pregnancy

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Bad varicose veins run in my family and this is my second pregnancy (17 weeks) and I’m already having them pop up more than they did my first pregnancy. I actually feel like I dont have them bad compared to other women in my family. Anyways, one of the new ones sometimes feels weird and hurts and I’ve felt it and it’s hard like there’s a jelly bean in it. So I brought that up to my OB during my appt yesterday and she felt it (it was its more typical feel like a pea) and said we don’t want clots and to take a 81 mg baby aspirin daily for the rest of pregnancy. Just wondering if anyone else has had to do this? Just curious too because aspirin is one of the things in the pregnancy handout/book my OB gives me that it specifically says not to take. Also, she said to wear compression socks too if I’ll be on my feet a lot. Yay.