Dear random girl

Who commented on my post that she didn’t like the cowboy boots I was wearing and didnt like the dresses I chose off of amazon to purchase for my small courthouse wedding. What you don’t know is those boots are my favorite and were a gift from my parents who I hardly see anymore. Those dresses I was trying to decide on were the only ones I can afford right now because I’m a college student and have a baby on the way. To the girl that said I was a trashy hoe for having a courthouse wedding, well my fiancé is in the military and we only have time for a courthouse wedding before he ships off to a deployment. To the girl who said my fiancé isn’t doing shit for our county and that I am living off the government, my fiancé works every single day from sun up to sin down, he has to work holidays, he’ll probably miss our first child’s birth and he puts his life on the line to defend people like you and no I’m not living off the government I’m going to college to teach children with disabilities. So to that girl who called me cheap and white trash because I was wearing boots, walk a mile in my shoes before you judge me.