Am I exaggerating?

So last night I was at my boyfriends family party to celebrate a wedding, I didn't know anyone there apart from my boyfriend so I was really nervous. He was drinking quite a lot and I know that when he drinks too much it makes him angry and just hard work. So his friend was with us and kept buying my boyfriend drinks and getting him extremely drunk, I knew he and reached his limit so I asked if he wouldn't have another drink and he started getting annoyed with me and we got into an argument. Then he was mad with me and I was sat in between him and his friend, they both started pulling faces at each other as if they were insulting me and my boyfriend was rolling his eyes at his friend. I felt really uncomfortable as I didn't know anyone else at the party and the person I was with was making fun of me, this made me really sad and embarrassed. I couldn't walk off or go and sit somewhere else because I didn't know anyone. I'm still upset about it today, my boyfriend doesn't think he did anything wrong. Am I exaggerating? 

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