What you think is BH maybe signs of infection that may lead to preterm labor!!!!


I posted a few weeks ago about having Braxton Hicks so early I think I was 21 weeks or so. Am now 26 weeks and for the past 4 days I had what I thought were contractions do to sharp cramping when my stomach would tighten. My baby girl was moving just great so I didn’t seem very concerned. Any way had 2 days of BH and the following 2 days got worse my back hurt to bad the cramp where stronger so I definitely thought contractions right away. I went to L&D; last night and it turns out the were not contractions just pain and cramps from infection. The on call dr was a little upset with me , he said you should have called your dr as soon as you could handle it, Luckily if was just an infection but if you would have been in preterm labor it could have been to late! . Am a little more than a cm dilated . So lady’s sometimes it’s worth a trip to the dr or L&D; they said they would rather see me everyday than having a premature baby. Look for sign of infection and call your dr right away.