I got my period April 19th 2017 I had it for a week and didn't get it again till summer break. So this is my first school year having it. I've done fine all winter although I did have two major leaks 😬 but other than that it wasn't that bad. In our school you are not allowed to carry your backpack or gym bag or and other bags so I'm the fall and winter I just used jackets with zip up pockets to carry my tampons around in. I live in North Carolina and it can get pretty hot so jackets are out of the question and I really don't want to start carrying a purse because I never have in school and I feel like that's a dead give away. Does anyone have any ideas or advice as to where I should hide my tampons during the school day and we are only allowed to go to our lockers (other then assigned times) twice a week and you have two minutes during assigned times and every one is in top of you because the lockers are so close and small.HELP!