My sheltered boyfriend


So throughout my life I’ve seen my fair share of tragedies and gone through some stuff. For two years my families life was one thing after another, my mom faced a very dangerous pregnancy that resulted in a miscarriage, my dad was in a car accident where he suffered 2 degree burns on his body, and then after that my mom had a collision with a drunk driver which she made out of with minor injuries. All these things at the time felt awful and like the end of the world but we pulled through and it made me stronger!

Now for my boyfriend things were different he was always sheltered from all the bad things that happened around him. When his parents faced health issues they never told him, when someone would pass away he wouldn’t know. This is causing us problems now cause he doesn’t know how to act or be around me sometimes. My uncle who is like a second dad has had stage 4 cancer for a while and isn’t getting better. When I come home from visiting my uncle I obviously come back sad or sensitive to see my uncle weak and sick, my boyfriend becomes annoying to me cause he insists on me to “cheer up”! But things are changing last week his mom wasn’t feeling good and I insisted on taking her to the doctor where she found out she had a slight thyroid problem, ever since then my boyfriend goes above and beyond to make her happy. But doesn’t want to even come with me to visit my uncle! She told him she was going to Mexico for a party we don’t have dog sitter and won’t let me stay, I know that we can’t afford to take off to Mexico but he gets so pissed off when i give him cold hard facts as to why we can’t go! Someone help me!!!