bad luck with guys.... i think i’m done not being with anyone

so i always been bad luck with guys ever since i was in junior high. i would go out with them and they would cheat on me or do something horrible to me.. i’m 24 now. I been with this guy for 3 years , this year will be our 4 year but things arent looking good between us.. he doesn’t love me anymore, He wants some space and time . he’s 27 btw . he said we can be friends for now, he won’t date or talk to anyone because he doesn’t have time for them and he still lives at home with his parents. Idk I feel like he is done with me, we had so many problems within these 3 years of dating it’s crazy.. i’m thinking about plan b , Which is be single forever and get sperm doners, i’ll be happy that way. If we don’t make it or he stops seeing me that’s it ill be done with dating and depressed. I don’t trust anyone i have so many trust issues. My life sucks , “my love life “ the most. anyone have advice for me that would be great.