I feel so hurt. I can’t stop thinking about, and this is the worst part, a guy I didn’t even go out with. I liked him a lot though, more than I’d ever liked anybody before. I gave him my virginity. Later on realising that this was a mistake as I had a pregnancy scare and had to go to a clinic on my own for the plan b pill. Neither did I know that his girlfriend of four years had broken up with him three months prior to use meeting. Not that I knew it then but he had just used me for a quick shag and maybe to make his ex jealous. It was two months since I last spoke to him - I’ve blocked him on everything. Even still though, I can’t stop myself from wanting to see him and speak to him. I guess I haven’t really had closure. He’s all I think about and at night especially, all I do is breakdown. I’m supposed to be studying for my exams which I’m think I’m going to fail, inevitably fucking up my whole life. I feel like I’m never going to get over him. I don’t want to come across as attention-seeking but this whole situation is fucking painful and I can’t cope with it anymore.