My friends are driving me nuts!

My husband and I have been TTC for 15 months. I do pretty ok in dealing with it but it is hard and it hurts. My friends (a lesbian couple) got married in November. They just did their egg retrieval and will be transferring their embryos within the next couple of months. I LOVE them, we have been friend for years, and I was even in their wedding.... but... if she texts me one more time talking about “I cried today after I saw a baby.” Or “I want to be pregnant so bad.” Etc, etc... I’m going to lose it. I understand she is ready, but I am not the one to be saying those things to. She knows what we’ve been through and how hard it is, and her situation is nothing like mine. She has multiple embryos just waiting to be placed in her uterus! I wish it was that easy!! I just can’t take it anymore! 😭😭😭