All we do is fight

Laura • Mommy to one angel, Lexie Grace. 10/21/16. 👼 Rainbow 🌈 baby Noah born 08.06.18

All my husband and I have done lately is fight. We’re both in law enforcement and he wants to see if we qualify for Medicaid as a supplemental insurance. We have blue cross blue shield, but our deductible is kind of high. I’ve told him all we have to pay is $50/mo until the bill is paid, but apparently he’s been sharing our financial info with his friends at work and said we can pay nothing with Medicaid. I got pissed when I found out, because he’s been talking about our finances with our neighbor, his mother, the maintenance man at work, etc. Quite frankly, it’s none of their business and I told him so. He says he’ll talk finances with whoever he wants. 😡

His “friends”—who are all male—are also giving him advice to buy hand me downs and stuff online, from people we don’t know, for baby. Nothing wrong with that, but we are fully capable of affording clothes for our child. Hell, his nursery is almost complete and all of that was brand new, and I’m only 21w2d. 🤷🏻‍♀️ He already has almost 30 outfits, in various sizes, that we’ve purchased from Carter’s and I still have two baby showers coming up.

I’m so tired of everyone being privy to our business and giving “advice.” Maybe it’s just hormones, but I’m over it. I’m happy to be pregnant with our little boy, but to be honest, I never wanted another child after we lost our first at 28 weeks. He purposely did not pull out—even when I told him to because I didn’t want to risk pregnancy—and BAM, I ended up pregnant a few weeks later. I’m just tired of having all day sickness (STILL), working 12 hour shifts while pregnant, dealing with a husband who doesn’t clean up after himself, someone who spreads our business around, etc.