My husband likes anal.

My husband brought up anal after what we thought was a pregnancy symptom. I tried it out with a dildo I had it didn’t work out, it hurt too much. And I told him that it hurt too much which he thought I was crazy because if it hurt so bad a lot of people wouldn’t be doing it. So I told him to try it. I went to work one day and when I came home he told me about how much he liked it and’s been over a month now that he hasn’t done it and just now we were talking about edging and he brought up the dildo. For some reason I feel hurt and I’m not sure why really. Since I have my period this week he asked me to leave out the dildo for him since ‘I’m out of commission and he might as well’.

Why am I feeling so bad over this? My stomachs churning as if I found out he was cheating or something bad. I don’t know what to do. I can’t tell him I don’t want him going that-it’s his sexual desires I can’t take that away.