Husband cheating****EDIT***


****Thank you all who have commented and gave me advise! I filed for divorce today and brought the papers to the police department for them to serve him. I’m going to take him for all he’s worth and give these beautiful babies of mine a wonderful life without him. 💙***

Im currently 23, 6 days pregnant

with another beautiful baby boy. We have a 2 year old boy already. Within the past two days I’ve found out that my husband has been sleeping around (WITH AN 18 YEAR OLD) ((HE IS ALSO A POLICE OFFICER)) and messaging girls on tinder stating he’s single and wanting to hook up. I’m devastated, I’m broken. I feel useless and worthless and stupid for not realizing this was going on. We’ve been together almost 4 years, married since July 2017. He’s admitted to doing this when I confronted him. I’ve also asked the girl and she confirmed it. The time lines don’t add up she states it’s been going on since October and had a pregnancy scare believing it was his. And that they were in a relationship. He states “it happened once or twice” and doesn’t give dates or timelines. I’ve messaged his closest friends and co workers asking if they know anything and have any information that they can give me.

Has this happened to anyone else? I just feel like I’m underwater and can’t get out