Is two months too late to breastfeed? She's nine weeks old and has been on formula since the hospital due to some issues I had after delivery. I used to be able to pump up to two ounces on occasion, but normally being half an ounce. She latches on but gets frustrated quickly because I hardly have anything or let down takes too long. Now she hardly wants anything to do with my breast and I can't get a single drop out with my pump. I've tried the power pumping, supplements, and tea. I can't contact a specialist because we don't have the money or insurance so I recently looked up La Leche Leagues in my area but their next meeting isn't for another week.

I'm just not sure what to do anymore or if it can be saved at all. Are there any tips or advice I may not have heard before? Since I never established a supply first, am I still able to? This is my

first baby.