I can finally smile


when I found out we were pregnant a few months after our miscarriage I couldn't really believe it was true. I felt so bad that I didn't feel happy like I did the first time instead I felt like I couldn't connect in fear that it would all end bad. we had a missed miscarriage. we had our first us and the baby only measured at 6 when I knew at the very least I was 8 but the said it had a strong heartbeat so I stayed positive the next week the us showed no growth and no heartbeat. yesterday we had our first us for this pregnancy praying they would measure our baby at 8 wks 4 days but they measured it a day older!!! our baby was wiggling around and waived at us. I am totally in love and finally feel like I can relax. I hope the same happy day for all of those mommas expecting their rainbow babies!