I’ve been in the hospital for one week!

Frances • Momma to a fur baby 🐶 and a beautiful baby 👶🏻 boy born 4-19-18 at 34w6d❤️.

Currently 33w+6d.❤️🙏🏼

I can’t believe it’s been a week already. Everything feels like it’s a blur. I never imagined how hard bed rest would be, my whole body hurts.

Here’s my story so far for anyone wondering, writing it down is helping to make this situation easier. It really is just a day by day thing.

Monday morning 2:30am- 5am

Tuesday evening 6-9:30pm. 4/2/18-4/3/18

* Mild period cramps with mucus like discharge. Very irregular, anywhere from 6min apart to 20min apart. For 3hrs at a time and then would go away. I honestly just thought they were normal aches.

* Wednesday 2:50pm 4/4/18

* went in for scheduled doctor appointment 32w+5days. Mentioned my cramps and greenish discharge to MIdwife. Wanted to take a swab to rule out infection, mentioned checking me for dilation just to be sure.

* Midwife was surprised,4cm dilated!!! Said she could feel babies head!

* Immediately sent me to L&D; triage around 4pm, while there they had me on monitors to monitor contractions and babies HR. Baby was fine, no distress noted. Contracting very little.

* On call doctor came 5pm to measure baby with US, measured 4lbs 9oz, right on track with 32w+5d. She did another vaginal exam, still 4cm but noted a bulging bag of waters and 80% effaced.

* 5:54pm gave me first shot of steroids for babies lungs.

* 6:30pm first dose of ampicillin ATB for prophylaxis since they don’t know if I’m GBS positive or if I have an infection and magnesium sulfate to develop babies brain.

* 8pm IFC inserted. Sequential compression device applied to legs to help with leg circulation since I can’t walk around. On complete bed rest.

* Magnesium being given every 2.5-3hrs, ATB every 6hrs.

* Waiting to speak with the neonatologist to be informed just in case baby does decide to come soon. Really hoping he stays there for a couple more weeks.

Thursday 4/5/18:

* Still being given mag. Sulfate and ATB therapy.

* Spoke with OB/GYN: Plan of care; keeping baby in as long as possible(this room is my new home). They will not do another vaginal exam unless I absolutely need it (I.e: feel like I’m leaking fluid, pelvic pressure...). After second dose of steroid injection will need to be on. Mag. Sulfate for 24h after injection (until 6pm Friday). 3 more IV doses of ATB (until 6pm Friday) and then will change to Oral Capsule ATB.

* Second and last dose of steroids given at 5:30pm, that medication is THICK! But just remind the nurse to inject it slowly. Still burned a little bit but very tolerable.

* Not contracting regularly but still noted with some contractions that I can’t feel, but doctor felt comfortable changing my diet to clear liquid since I haven’t ate in 24hrs and everything looks calm.

Friday 4/6/17

* Noted with vaginal discharge at 10:30am when being given peri-care. Greenish in color, nurse put a pad on me to see if discharge continues.

* Checked for more discharge at 2pm; small amount of white/ clear discharge noted.

* 2pm started having cramps again 3/10 pain scale, very mild but it could feel them, not getting picked up on the monitor. Only on lower abdominal area.

* 2:30-3:00pm had contractions 10 minutes apart felt like mild cramps on lower abdomen and tightening/pressure on upper abdomen. Then went away.

* Magnesium sulfate done at 5:30pm.

* IV ATB done, switch me to oral ATB every 8hrs.

* 6pm: going to monitor me to see if I contract or not. If I don’t they are moving me to antepartum unit until I go into labor. If I do have contractions I will stay in labor and delivery and have a baby. 😱

* 7-830pm: no contractions noted, Dr. came to speak to me: plan is to remove my IFC, intermittent fetal monitoring, call to go to restroom(have to monitor my output and make sure I don’t fall from being on the mag. Sulfate). If no contractions noted they will move me to antepartum unit in A.M and I can have Regular food ❤️.

Saturday 4/7/18

* 4am: So far no strong or consistent contractions so they will probably move me to another room. They said they’re keeping me here only because of how dilated I am and they don’t want to risk me going into labor at home IF I do start having contractions because things could move so fast.

* 6am: everything stable, no contractions that I could feel, I will be on intermittent fetal monitoring, moved me to antepartum unit.

* 1pm: OB did a vaginal exam; still 4cm, a little more thinned out. Still contracting every 10 or so minutes but nothing painful (3/10 pain scale), Doctor said to advise them/call L&D; when contractions are 5 minutes apart for 30-60minutes &/or intensity is higher.

Sunday 4/8/18

* NST done 9-10:30am; contracting every 6-10minutes. Still just feels like tightening/pressure from top of abdomen, no pain.

* Doctor came to check my cervix at 11:30am: 4.5cm dilated so they will not let me go home. They feel more comfortable keeping me until Friday when I’m 34 weeks.

Monday 4/9/18

* 2:30pm started feeling some mild period cramps, nurse put me on the monitor. Contractions noted 7min apart 3/10 pain.

* 3:10pm doctor came to do vag exam. Noted at 6cm, transferred me back to L&D; from antepartum unit.

* 4pm-7pm contractions more intense like a 4-5/10 pain. Feels like cramping and I have to breathe through them. Lasting 40-60 seconds, 6-8 min. Apart.

* After 7pm contractions start to die down. Less intense and more random, able to take a nap until 8:30pm

* 9:30pm doctor came to check my cervix. Still noted at 6cm. Unable to feel any contractions. Doctor said I’m more stable and feels comfortable moving me back to antepartum unit.

* 10:30pm moved back to antepartum unit.

Tuesday 4/10/18

* NST done 10:30-11:30am, contracting every 6-10minutes. No pain. Didn’t feel any of them.

* 12:30pm doctor checked my cervix, still 6cm. No change. Will continue to monitor me.

Wednesday 4/11/18

* NST done 9:30-10:05am, contracting every 8-9minutes. 1/10 pain, just feel tightening.

* Spoke with doctor, no cervix check done to prevent infection or accidental rupture of membranes. Goal is still to keep him in until Friday (34wks). It’s up to the main High-risk OB whether they let me leave on Friday or keep me until I deliver, I think they are going to keep me.

* NST @ 9:30pm: no contractions on the monitor but I could feel some slight tightening. No pain.