Please, please, cross your fingers for me...


... and all your toes, and anything else to wish me luck! I have my FET next Wednesday. I started my first round of

<a href="">IVF</a>

in January after trying to conceive with my husband for the better part of 10 (yes, ten) years! Last year we were living separately for about 10 months (he's in the military), and during that time I completed four unsuccessful <a href="">IUI</a>'s. I did an egg retrieval in February and we got five healthy, viable embryos. Unfortunately, the fresh transfer of two embryos didn't take. I was required to take a month off before trying again, and next week I'll have two more transferred. Please, please say a prayer, send baby dust, keep me in your thoughts. This journey has been so taxing and heartbreaking and I so desperately want to grow my little family of two. ***EDIT***The only thing I'm doing differently this round is trying assisted hatching per recommendation of my doctor.