Creamy CM before expected ovulation day

I hope I’m posting in the right area, I need a little bit of help. My fiancé and I had sex 3 days straight .... 2 days before my “expected ovulation day” . However, the 3 days we had sex , (also 1 day before) I had tons of egg white cm. Yesterday was my expected ovulation day, but I already have creamy white discharge.

I do have a normal cycle, it’s 28 days.... pretty spot on. And I usually start feeling pms gradually peaking 1 week prior to the start of my period. Then About 3 days before my period arrives , I realllllllly feel my pms.

After the 1st day of sex, I woke up with a headache that has been lasting me on and off till this day. I drink coffee every morning, and I’ve been wanting it with more sugar than usual. 2nd day of sex, it felt like I got hit by a bus. I was extremely fatigued and my boobs started to hurt kind of like how they feel right before my period starts. I pretty much felt like I was about to have my period. My period wont start for another 2 weeks ! I thought my headache would go away with coffee, like it usually does.... but it has not gone away. I have bouts of nausea even when I’m laying down. I’m eating when I’m supposed to, and I am drinking enough water. I haven’t been doing anything out of the ordinary. I am on vacation so I’m not even working to be so tired. And Besides wanting my coffee sweeter, everything pretty much tastes the same. I don’t have any food aversions.

My question is, could I have ovulated early? If so ... what do you think the cause is for the pms-like symptoms so early on? I read about having ovulation symptoms because of the hormones. Would ovulation symptoms come during ovulation, before ... or after? Ive never experienced symptoms like this so early before my period.

I’m really hoping there’s a chance for pregnancy in this cycle based off of the early egg-white cm.

Notes :

Yes, I am trying to conceive . I do not test with opk, I don’t use lube/preseed, I no longer check my temps (I am out of the country and left my nasal thermometer in the US 😐) , I also don’t feel comfortable checking my cervix for ovulation purposes (it’s a personal thing) .