Im giving up this month.


I've been ttc for over two years. Two miscarriages. And now 4 months on progesterone suppositories. My heart breaks after each negative, and each AF that shows up which I know so many of u can relate to. Im so sorry for the heartbreak. Im so sorry u have to watch all of the positive tests that show up on this app, while all u get are endless negatives and ur mind playing tricks on u thinking there's a faint line. I've decided to get back to the gym, and to make my body the best that I can because not only will I look good but I will feel my best. I've decided to prepare my body for pregnancy and while I'm so ready, I want my body to be as ready as possible. This month I will not be using OPKs, preseed, or progesterone. Im leaving it in your hands God, and Im trusting you. Im going to do my best to focus on my amazing fiancé and our life and just take things one day at a time. This is not easy at all but neither is all of the testing and charting and the constant stress that comes with it. And who knows, maybe ill get lucky or maybe next month ill be back to charting, but that is up to God. To every woman who feels like their bodies are broken, your time will come. You will be a mother, an amazing mother to say the least. I wish all of you the best and i know its hard to stay motivated, but im here if anyone needs someone to talk to! Best of luck to all of you future and current mommies❤️