So the guy I'm seeing, his ex text him the other day about his 'upgrade' referring to me and basically trying to say how he'd actually downgraded from her and being really rude about me.

At first I just laughed it off, like why should I care what this girl thinks about me when I don't even know her and apart from being with her ex, I've never done anything to give her a reason to not like me

Whilst I'm sat all calm saying her words didn't matter, he got so pissed off and got so annoyed saying how dare she judge me and that I am an upgrade, that I was beautiful inside and out and that I'm there for him and that I have a huge heart. It actually made me feel really special that he'd react that way and feel so strongly about it to have a go at her for it. Also because knowing he feels that way about me is so reassuring.

But it has since made me think about it, like there's no need for her to put me down that way. Their relationship was toxic and she cheated on him constantly and truthfully had no interest in him, she even told him she was only with him because it was convenient... So what should it matter if he's now moved on and is actually happy again. Just because I might not be her standards of pretty and unlike her I'm not slim it doesn't mean I'm not an upgrade. I'm an upgrade in the sense that I'm there for him, I care about him and have respect for him and our relationship.