I am absolutely sick to death of my sibling... she is extremely sneaky and constantly goes in my room and steals my possessions which she has no right to take. She once took some straighteners for over 3 days lying that she didn’t take them, so I had to go and buy some more which costed £30 and I got back home just to find out that she had put them back in my room whilst I was out just to save her ass from my parents! Tonight I was woken up to hear screaming because she got a tiny cut so I couldn’t fall back asleep and then she comes into my room asking to borrow some makeup wipes, I say no and told her to leave as I was already in a bad mood from not getting any sleep so when she was told no she came in and tried to take them anyway, luckily I’m quick on my feet and I grab her arm and took them back... I’ve had to barricade my door as I’m not allowed a lock on my door...

I have to use my laptop to monitor what goes on in my room when I’m out / in the bath now and of course my mum doesn’t like that as she says it’s invasion of privacy, however how can she believe me with no evidence? Also when I confront my mum about her stealing my belongings which I pay for mostly myself she completely ignores the fact that it’s theft and is illegal wether she is a sibling or not... I am absolutely sick of it and each day it’s getting more harder to keep calm.

I do all the work in the house as my mum is a chef and is barely home, I hoover, do the dishes, take the trash out, mop, put away food, dust, clean the toilets etc etc etc... whilst she sits on her arse stuffing her face... then she has the nerve to tell me that I’m only going to the gym everyday to get rid of a double chin which I don’t even have, I’m a extremely fit and healthy person unlike her who has chocolate bars for breakfast... but nooo, I’m the oldest and I have to take the fall for everything, there is no discipline with her and ruins every time my family has ever come together because she thrives for attention, money and food.