First Ultrasound


Did it not hit everyone else that you were actually pregnant until the first ultrasound? Because one doctor told me I wouldn’t be able to conceive, I have yet to really believe I was pregnant. No matter the symptoms, positive pregnancy test, and body changes. I couldn’t bring myself to feel happy that I could actually have a healthy pregnancy bc I was still believing what she told me. The moment we saw our baby in MY STOMACH, I’m pretty sure the ultrasound tech thought we were just finding out. This whole journey has taught me so much already. I was so afraid to let myself believe this could happen to me and so afraid to be excited out of fear. But that doctor didn’t control my future. God did and had it planned for me to become a mother. He knew the deepest desire of my heart. I don’t care how many weeks you are, believe that miracle in your belly and celebrate it each day! Don’t let fear steal any part of your pregnant away. You did it. You proved the doctors wrong. God is so good!