I feel disgusting

I had never sent nudes to anyone till last summer, he was the first boy who I had talk to, I didn’t really like him when we started talking but I felt so bad because he liked me so much and I didn’t, everyone told me to stay away from him but I never did, anyway eventually I ended up liking him I was a freshman and he was a sophomore so obviously you can assume I’m young, I was 14 at the time🙄🙄 we never did anything because I have strict parents, he drives, and I think he’s a very sweet guy but he doesn’t care about important stuff, and by that I mean school. I talked to him for over 3 months and one week before his birthday he cut me off and texted me days later after his birthday, and I assumed he had lost interest but he told me he needed time, for some reason we stopped talking but he would text me randomly sometimes, we never got back together, during December he told me he wanted to fuck me, I’m still a Virgin, I wanted to have him so bad I was willing to give him my virginity just to get him back, he’s very shy, at least he is with me and nothing ever happened cuz he would stop replying he would always ask me for nudes and the only reason why I would show him was because I wanted him back, he had never seen me fully naked, and I knew he wanted to so I did, after that I felt so disgusting and so ashamed, he used me several times for his own pleasure, he hurt my feelings like no one ever has, I begged him for months to get back with me and I know it was stupid, it’s been almost a year since I met him and I still can’t get him out of my mind. Last time he texted me, he asked me if I would let him fuck me but I didn’t answer and I’m proud of that, I deleted him on social media and deleted his number but I see him at school everyday and I still have the hope that one day he will text me again, but he has no aspirations or goals so I really don’t know what’s going on with me, anyway I know it was very wrong for me to do all that & I learned my lesson, also throughout the months I tried talking to different guys and I kissed 4 guys in less than a month nothing else than that and I’m pretty ashamed of that also. Note on this me & that guy never kissed we only talked 3 times in person