Baby movment make me fell pain !!!

Hello mamas

Iam 28 weeks pregnant now .. from 2 weeks my baby started to move and kick very very strong to the point that annoyed me alot i fell that she is stretching too much and iam fell totally uncomfortable ehen she kicks !!! Is that normal ! It is my second pregnancy and i never experienced this the first time but i was so happy when she was moving but now when this baby moves i hope she stops because she is hurting me !!! 😢 midewife said its normal and i should be happy because she is playing strongly but i fell that it is not normal to fell uncomfy from baby kicks !! Iam worried that this is a sign for early labour or that means that the baby not happy inside !! Because sometimes she moves alot in the same time that i fell she wanna come outside !!! Any experience please because iam so worried ! 😢