Help: MIL wants to attend all of my Dr. appointments

Hi ladies,

I just entered the 3rd trimester and have been very stressed with my intense and overbearing mother-in-law. Background: prior to my wedding, MIL made me verbally agree that when we have a baby that he/she would be raised in their religion, which is NOT the same one I believe in...the story goes on and on.

Fast forwarding to now, it's been upsetting to hear things like.. she will have to "fight my mom for time with the baby" or that I will need to have another baby ASAP, as she is "not ok sharing this one with my mom". For the record, my mom is nothing like her... doesn't even live in this country and would never think like this.

I am now uncomfortable with how many times she has told me that she wants to go to all of my next Dr. Appointments (she already saw the baby in our main ultrasound a couple of weeks ago). And they live 15 minutes away from us.

I am seeing my therapist often; been focus on meditation and prenatal yoga; however, would love to hear your opinion and feedback on how to better deal with this situation.