Question.. regarding ovulation symptoms?

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Hi allll..

I’m 99% sure I’m overthinking / this is pretty common BUT this has never happened to me before so curious to see actually how common this is.

Glow predicted I would ovulate this Wednesday.. I’m fairly certain based on some random cramping on one side and CM - that I actually ovulated Friday instead.

We’ve been BDing every day (except for 2 days this cycle) so pretty sure we covered bases on that part.

Question is - Saturday my boobs and nipples became painfully sore. They’re still extremely sore (never get this near ovulation - only a couple of days before AF) so I’m like what the heck hormones 🤦‍♀️ I’m also having dull cramps in what feels like the bottom/ front of my uterus, also not normal for me.

Does anyone else have this happen? Assuming it’s 100% normal, just not my normal. I know it’s way too soon to feel anything or have any symptoms but I had to ask 🤷‍♀️

Helllllp! Curious to what you all think.