Worried about my little girl

Whitney • Wife (5/20/17). Christian. Mommy to Ryleigh (8/08/18). 👨‍👩‍👧

So we went to our 20 week scan yesterday, and everything seemed perfectly normal, but we didn’t realize how little room she actually has in there.

Let me explain, when I was 6 weeks pregnant, we found out that I have a septated uterus, meaning there’s a muscle strand dividing my uterus in half. So that means my baby has half of the room to grow. And watching her in there, she seemed smushed. Even the tech doing the ultrasound talked about how she was curled up already.

I’m super worried about it, because my husband was born at 24 weeks premature (he was a quadruplet). And I just want everything to be okay with our little princess.

I plan to talk to my OB about it on Monday, but I’m also hesitant to be excited about the gender, because I don’t want anything going wrong...am I overreacting?