U/s in 4 hours ... nervous wreck

Alison, 🌈 👶🏻 born 7/26/19

I’m an absolutely nervous wreck Bc my second U/S is in four hours. I’m 9 w 1 day today and my last pregnancy that ended in miscarriage in December we found out at our 9 week appointment. I feel like I have been traumatized from that experience and I’m not the same person. Does anyone else feel like that who’s experienced something similar? This time, i saw the HB at 6 w 4 days and It was strong ... and seeing and hearing it just made me more attached. The appointment today is with the same ultrasound tech I’m terrified to go into that office again... I’m hoping the fact that I saw Hb at 6 w 4 days means positive news that all is fine now but I wouldn’t know Bc I have zero pregnancy symptoms. Part of me can’t even face going to this appt in 4 hours I’m so nervous .... I’ve changed since my MMC in December ... that day I found out out of nowhere there was no HB. Just praying we see a healthy strong Hb today. It’s so hard to keep positive.