Boyfriend & daughter

I had my daughter from a relationship before my current boyfriend. I placed her for adoption last year she was about 15 months old. It was really hard for me. My boyfriend was very helpful when it came to my daughter he helped me with diapers, food for us, he helped me ween her off of breast milk, he was a big help. When he dropped me off at the airport with her he cried when he held her. Anyways. It still hurts but I know it was the right decision. I now linger speak to my dad, mother or siblings because of how they treated me.

Today I spoke to someone who’s heart I broke back in high school. Well he added me of Facebook & I showed my boyfriend & he said you should add him back. I thought it was weird but I did. Then this morning the guy who’s heart I broke (well call him T) messaged me. At first the conversation was going well then he said he still loved me & forgave me but in all honesty it was a normal convo. We were talking about our growths & strengths since the last time we seen each other. I have no feelings towards him but I get too caught up in conversations & don’t think sometimes. I was more focused on telling my boyfriend that I had the convo. So I told my bf I had a conversation with T & I told him I left it on my account for him to see. He saw it then got mad because I didn’t even bring him up in the convo. I just completely didn’t think of it. Anyways I told him I wasn’t thinking about that & that I just assumed he saw the pictures & relationship status with my boyfriend. So then my bf goes on to say this

Idgaf about H (my ex) or that kid!

Then I quoted him on “that kid”

“Yes that kid. I'm no longer holding on to this shit from the past. I can give two fucks about any of that shit anymore. Shit is over with, shit been over with and I'm never gone see shorty again. It don't exist to me no more. Idgaf about H, her, your dad, yo mom none of that shit. If I ain't gone see them. Idgaf about them”

I don’t know what to say to him. He knows how I am over her. He knows it still hurts me. So for him to not even acknowledge the fact that she has a name really upsets me because when I receive pictures of her he doesn’t want to see them. When I got pictures of her in a picture frame he didn’t want them in the house. He just doesn’t want to hear about her. When I tell him how I feel about her or when I miss her he just tells me to “get over it” “move on”

Sure i was wrong in this situation for not bringing him up to T right away but when I did it was a simple fix

T said “hey no pressure I just wanted to clear the air”

Now he thinks I have a think for T still when it was 8 years ago that I was talking to him.

I just don’t know what to say to him at this moment this really hurts.