Does he like me?

So I’ve been speaking to this boy everyday for two weeks and I really like him. We’ve been sending each other long paragraphs back and forth and his replies are usually quite instant.

He’s mentioned that he wants to meet up with me and he’s also been wanting to get my number.

I don’t know whether was hinting at me or not but we were having a deep conversation and I sort of mentioned that I’d been going through some bad relationship stuff with a guy that had really hurt me in the past and he said that I ‘just needed to find someone who understood me and appreciated me to get into a relationship with’ - was he talking about himself?

As well as this, he said he wanted to get to know me better to which I replied with, ‘well what do you want to know?’.

He said that he never really made the effort to get to know anybody other than me and so he didn’t know what to ask because he wasn’t used to it.

I feel like he could like me but I don’t want to ask just in case I get rejected and I don’t think I can deal with being fucked over again.

He feels too good to be true to be honest and he could being acting in the exact same way with

other girls.