I’m scared of men

Basically I have a huge fear of men and I don’t know why. I cant be in a room alone with men and I can’t be in public with men if I’m going to the shop and I see a man in the isle I want to go down I will just wait until they’ve gone or if I’m walking down the street and see a man I will have to cross over the road or just completely turn around and walk back to where I’ve just been. I find it really hard to talk to men and when I do I always stutter and panic really bad and embarrass myself and I always have to look in a completely different direction when I’m talking to them which a lot of men have called me out on saying I’m rude and arrogant which I’m not id just have a full blown panic attack if I had to talk and look at them. Men have approached me before in bars I always try to run away before they get to me but if I can’t get away i will start shaking and one time I was really nervous and started like tensing on my glass and it shattered in my hand. What can I do to over come this fear otherwise I’m going to be forever alone