long story. but my MIL is nuts. so lets just shorten this.. you can choose to believe what I say, or not, but let's do this. I married her son 2 months ago. he brought me home, Im the first woman hes ever brought home, and I already had a claddagh ring on my right hand. I'm 13 years younger than her son. so from day 1, she knew I was going anywhere, but I also felt that she did some prauding to see what my intentions are. which is great. like go for it. I honestly just love him to pieces. hes in more debt than I am and makes $3 more an hour than I do. so right off the bat, being suspicious about money shouldn't be a thing. but his family is well off, so I felt she had her doubts. it came to us accidentally getting pregnant and they were thrilled. but even though she knew we were going individually to each family member, she blurt something out at a family gathering by "accident". then it came to our wedding. his parents only paid for half of the venue/catering package. my father paid for the other half. I paid for the photographer, dj, dress, guest books, centerpieces and all the other wedding shit. I also planned and put the whole thing together including doing the centerpieces and party favors by hand. but during this whole thing she convinced my babe that shes paying for everything and its kind of like "her event". so. I start becomig the last person to hear about things. she started adding her friends to our guest list and SENDING THEM INVITES. then, I asked for no bar. its for four hours on a sunday afternoon. my family has a bunch of alcoholics. a full bar is a lot of money. really? she went behind my back and suprise. full bar.

SO. now, my baby shower needs to be planned. my best friend wanted to do it for me. I was beyond thrilled. she wanted a little bit of input, so she asked my sister in law for some help. my sister in law went out on a limb without my friend and asked her mom/ my MIL if we could use her house. she said yes, wanted to pay for stuff, then her and my sister in law start planning it like without my best friend. ive always wanted a co ed baby shower. my father was the only active parent in my life and its important that he, my brother in law, our room mate, and my guy friends are there. they told my friend to tell me that my baby shower has to be traditional and I have been out voted. so I made a group message and put the guest list in there. this is just little tastes of the conversation. during the convo, my MIL would stop texting and text my friend saying that theyre gonna do a traditional one, and she can do 'whatever she wants'. I said in these messages that they can do two, then retracted that when they continuously tried to kick the only person I wanted to do this out of the shower. my sister in law is purple, and my mother in law is pink. im the black messages. sorry its in cursive.

EDIT** I would like to include that my grandmother, and myself are helping pay. her money is not necessary, nor wanted. me & hubby have a house, with our awesome room mate, so her place isnt needed either. when she pays for things, as I pointed out with the wedding thing, she takes it on like its her deal. i actually specifically asked my really awesome best friend to not accept my MILS money, and if she needed any more help financially to please come to me.


THANK YOU for all of the supportive comments. you guys are awesome. yeah. MIL is a real bitch. got my husband involved, and he is shocked at his mother's behavor. he went to talk to her and she wanted to "apologize" to me, but didnt want to do it without my hubby/ her son there. she then gave the fakest apology ever, for words that she clearly intended. but I took them gracefully, moved on, gently reminded her that her involvement was never wanted, and so far we are having a bomb ass bbq baby shower being planned..... thats co ed and my father is looking forward to bbqing the ribs!

worked out for the best, put my foot down, yes I picked this battle, it was a damn good battle to pick, and im actually excited for my shower now!

EDIT*** took it off anonymous. you guys have my back.😘