Girls toys for boys/Boys toys for girls???


So I went shopping with my stepson because his grandma and i picked him up from his mom for my fiancé's weekend, (fiancé goes to school every other Friday for his work, so grandma and I pick up my stepson). I and my stepson stopped at Walmart to pick up stuff for dinner and this weekend. We stopped in the toy section for a small robot (because he is obsessed with his 11 yr old uncle's robot). While looking at toys, we went through the girl toy section and my stepson asked me to stop. I said why and he said he wanted the super girl doll. I was a little surprised and asked why. My stepson asked so nicely about it and I said okay. (it was like $7.) Now, I really don't care if a boy plays with girls toys or vice versa because I do believe that it will obviously not make my stepson gay. Even if it did, I would love him all the same. I told my fiancé what happened and he said pretty not tell his mom because she would flip. (She is not the nicest of people who are different sexually or of different color). And my fiancé is right. My stepson loves that doll to.

Now, I wanted to know what you guys think? Should a boy play with girls toys or vice versa?