i don’t know what to do 😓

I’m 21 years old and been with my boyfriend for over a year. I’m finishing up my freshman year in college to be a elementary teacher (I was late going to school). We’re long distance (2 hours away) I am so in love with this boy. Our relationship is so amazing and I feel so cared for. We have had bumps in the road but worked together to get stronger. One of these bumps is in November he went to rehab for 30 days for marijuana use. His mom pretty much said you’re on the streets or going. So he went. She promised his car, job, and everything would be there when he got back. This woman is so terrible with money. She didn’t think about the financial responsibility it was taking to send him and keep his things. So he comes home and his car had been sold to her boyfriend to keep for his THIRTEEN year old half sister because she couldn’t afford the loan on the car for one month. After the 30 days she couldn’t afford the plane ticket to get him home, Thankfully his grandfather paid for it otherwise he was going to sleep at a homeless shelter in a state he’s never been in all alone. She works a full-time + part-time job. Idk where the money goes but that’s not my business. So my boyfriend gets back and it’s time for him to go to college out in the middle of nowhere (he’s my age) for building construction....with no car...and no way to get to that job she convinced the owner to hold for him. He now works at the school and gets literally $70-$100 a month. A MONTH. I work part-time and I pay for gas to get there and our meals on the weekends and gas to get to my job and school and I have budgeted it out to have some cushioning at the end of the month. Recently it hit me how we literally can’t save a dime for our future right now with only one of us really working and he cant save any money because the little he does make his mom takes for “debts” he owes her and when we ask her what they’re for she says she can’t remember but she’ll write it down to give to us then never does. It really pisses me off. We had plans for him to move to my area after he finishes school in about a year and a half but we can’t even save up to afford an apartment much less pay for utilities and groceries on top of that. Then after talking to my dad he doesn’t support us moving in together before marriage which would have to be after I graduate so it’s like 5 more years of long distance and living paycheck to paycheck? Like he keeps saying to take it day by day but when it’s my finances it’s hard to do that. There are so many loopholes for us to get to this happy future we both want and i just don’t know what to do. I love him. I want to be with him but the future seems almost impossible right now