33 Weeks with HELLP Syndrome 😱


So within the last few weeks, I was sick more then normal - to the point of losing 2 lbs in two weeks. My dr expressed some concern about it and scheduled me for an ultrasound at 34 weeks.

Fast forward to 5 days later ⏭ I was down about 2 1/2 lbs! 😱

So I call my dr and ask when, if at all, I should start to worry about my weight lose. My nurse called back and asked that I go into labor and delivery to be checked out.

I get here, get weight, hooked up to monitors and see, contraction after contraction. My nurse pumped me full of IV fluids then did an ultra sound of my gallbladder and of my baby, to get an estimated weight.

Turns out I have gallstones and my dr thought that may be why I had been so sick.

I was admitted for observation due to the fact that my liver enzymes were elevated.

Lab drew my blood again on Tuesday and my liver enzymes had rises just a few points. It was determined that my gallstones weren’t the reason for my weight loss.

My dr had my liver enzymes checked again on Wednesday morning and they had more then DOUBLED! He came in my room at 9 and said, “welp, looks like we’re having a baby today!” 😳😳😳

Now, I had just eaten breakfast so we were going to have to wait 8 hours to do the csection but my dr wanted my labs redrawn again at noon.

Noon comes and so does lab (I’m surprised they aren’t tired of seeing me at this point lol). The results came back and my liver enzymes had jumped another 100points each 😪

The surgical team came in and started to get me prepped, while the main nurse from the nursery came to tell us about how all the ways a baby born at 33 weeks gestation differs from a baby born at full term. She said he may not cry when they pull him out. He may need help lubricating his lungs. Not to be alarmed if he didn’t cry like my previous children did.


I was terrified.

We went into the operating room, they hooked me up and the second they pulled my son away from me, he let out a loud cry. And my boyfriend and I couldn’t help but just smile. They rushed him out to NICU and I sent my boyfriend with him to take pictures since I wasn’t able to even see him ☹️

They brought me back to my room and I automatically started trying to get my legs and feet to move so that I could get down to NICU and see my son. It took 4 hours before I felt enough to be able to get into a wheelchair but as soon as I was, I got to see my little handsome man for the first time.

Born unexpectedly, to say the least, at 33 weeks, he only weight 4lbs 5oz and was 17” long. He started off on oxygen, a feeding tube and and IV. So far, he’s down to just the IV and he should be able to get rid of that today!

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