over a week late, who else is with me?


my period was predicted to come on April.13th and I'm usually very regular, just a day or two off of eves predictions at the most. I didn't start to feel PMS symptoms until April.12th. I have had tender boobs all week, and the constant feeling that my period is going to start any second. I also have noticed clear/white discharge the past couple days. I have had unprotected sex 1-2 times every week the past month. and have been pretty stressed the past few months as well.

I'm planning on testing in the morning. just wondering if anyone has been through similar symptoms and what their outcomes have been...

UPDATE: its the morning of April.21st. haven't tested yet, but woke up to some slight spotting. very unusual for my period, because it's usually full blown from the start. it was very light red-pink. going to take a test in the afternoon.