Swollen lymph node


Does anyone have any medical experience here? I’m looking for opinions on what I should do because everyone thinks I’m overreacting including my doctor.....

So a little over 1 year ago I got super sick, had strep throat, cold after cold and during that time I had felt an enlarged lymph node in my right groin. I just thought it was cause I was so sick.

Well I got better finally and the lymph node seemed better. I could still feel it but it wasn’t as big.

About 3 months ago, I notice the same lymph node enlarged and a little tender to the touch. So I made an appointment with my doctor and she ordered a CT scan with oral contrast. It showed that my lymph node was 18mmx21mm (normal is about 10mm). So then the doctor ordered blood work and that all came back fine. My wbc was 8.5 a year ago and now it’s 4.1. Idk if that means anything. It’s still normal.

THEN she orders an abdominal ultrasound which turns into a transvaginal ultrasound. That came back normal. The enlarged lymph node was not scanned at all.

So then the doctor says since everything came back fine that she suggests I just monitor it.

Well, I didn’t even think to mention to her that I’ve been having drenching night sweats for about the past 6 months. I thought it might be from the Zoloft I started almost a year ago. I’m also normally 135lbs but now I am 120lbs. And last summer I was diagnosed with IBS due to so many ongoing GI issues I’ve had for about 4 years. Now I don’t know if any of that has anything to do with the lymph node, but once I told her that she ordered a needle biopsy for the lymph node.

So if any of you have any real experience or knowledge about this, I would appreciate your opinions! My family thinks I’m overreacting and I’m fine and to just wait for the node to go down but it’s been over a year and it’s getting bigger.

Please help!!