Surprising my Man!!!❤️❤️❤️

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So my boyfriend is a super cheesy romantic.

Well since we’ve been together, I’ve tried countless times to be as romantic as him, and I seem to never be able to make our “fancy dates” as good as his.

Well tomorrow is my date to plan, and I’ve planned probably the best yet!!

~quick backstory so it makes sense~

We live in TN. My boo is from Florida, and was going to take me down there next week to meet his grandparents. Well, long story short, we can’t go:( which sucks bc he really just wanted to go to the beach!!

So I’m going to make our date kinda for that!

The town We live in has this secret “beach” by the lake. He has no clue it’s there, because he hasn’t lived here long. So In the morning he thinks he’s coming over to pick me up, when actually I’m gonna get him to put on a blindfold, and then drive us there!!

I planned an adorable little picnic(a cheap Easter basket, thx target!!) with all his fav snacks!

We are gonna eat lunch on the “beach”

We’ve talked a lot lately about making a bucket list so we are gonna do that.

And then after lunch we are heading over to the drive in to watch movies he can’t wait to see☺️☺️

And my love language is gifts, so I’m also surprising him with a cigar box!! He’s wanted one so long, and so I went to Michaels and got my Pinterest girl on!!💗💗

I’m so excited which explains why this post is at 2 am😂

Wish me luck!! Hoping he says the “L” word today😉😉