HELP Itchy rash on breast only !!!!

Romina • 🌸 IXP 09.01.18 🌸

I’m about to be 20 weeks and this past few days my boobs have been SO itchy but nothing I couldn’t handle. Now I have this rash.. little tiny red pimples on my boobs only , that itch like crazy and now starting to burn . Anybody else????? I say on my breast only bc I’ve googled this and every single article I’ve found says they all start on their bellies and their rash look like blisters (nothing like what I have) My belly is absolutely fine so are my legs and arms .. it’s just my boobs 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I have an apt Wednesday so I will ask about this but in the mean time I just want itch relief. I’ve been using cocoa butter like crazy , it helps but only for the first few mins :( idk what to do anymore.