Dubai Airport


Okay ladies. I have cried my eyes out now is the time to tell someone my situation. I can’t talk to anyone on the phone yet because I cry when I try to do so. I AM STRANDED AT DUBAI AIRPORT. I went to the airport this morning on a transit to Africa from New York. Okay, when I got to the boarding pass, I was told my carry on bag is heavier than recommended and that I should check it in. I Went to the check in area only to be told the gate was closed. Now.I have to wait till tomorrow morning. I am Just outright FRUSTRATED. Paid $220 for carry on as an extra luggage and paid an additional $239 for missing the flight. Mind you, I was there two hours early but their own back and forth made me miss my flight. I have just spent $450+ for this mishap which is not my fault and haven’t booked a hotel yet. This journey is one of the worst I have been into. I am broke and nobody seems to care. It’s frustrating to say the least you’ll

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