Endometriosis...it’s the worst!

Hi Ladies, this is my first post because I don’t share details with many people. About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and had surgery. Apparently the endometriosis was so bad it was IN my appendix. I also had a large cyst (chocolate cyst) as they called it on my left ovary. I was in pain ALL the time Prior to my surgery. I was informed they had to remove the endometriosis, not only for the uterus but from my bladder and bowels. Then had to remove my appendix, left ovary, and left filopian tube. I was told I can still have children. So a few months after my surgery my boyfriend and I began trying again. I’m not pregnant. Nor have I ever been! Now almost everyone I know has children or are currently pregnant with their 2nd or 3rd child. Most are younger than me! It is so frustrating! To be honest it’s even frustrating with my boyfriend because he has a daughter already (I practically consider her my own) but it’s not the same. Now after almost a year and a half since my surgery I think the endometriosis is back. I’m having just about the same pain I had before. I’m really nervous that this could mean the endometriosis is back and just as bad as the last time. Which could mean another surgery ( which I really don’t want) and if I have too they may have to remove what’s left. 😔 everyone knows I want to have children someday but Nobody knows I’ve been trying for quite sometime. Part of that reason is because nobody agrees with my relationship (it hasn’t been the greatest) but we are working on improving ourselves. Anyway, I just feel at a loss if anyone has any positive feedback or perhaps gone through something similar kind thoughts would be appreciated.