Help!! Baby won’t take a bottle!

Hey guys

So I breastfeed.

Before my lo would take a bottle one feeding a day

She’s now a little over 12 weeks

I went back to work 3 days a week a couple of weeks ago

And my mom watches her

Anyways, the last time she had her my daughter refused a bottle 😭

Like barely ate anything until I got there and fed her

Any tips on getting her used to the bottle again?

We are using the Avent colic one

Has anyone gone through this?

She used to never have a problem. I think it’s me going back to work too. She has about 3-4 feedings a day now on the bottle

Instead of just one early one like before from my husband

Ugh I need help

I’m scared to go back to work Monday and know she won’t eat 😭😭