New Stay At Home Mom? Help?

So I just want to say this, I do not think the entire situation of being a stay at home mom is easy! I know it can be incredibly difficult! This is just my situation. I quit my job last week to stay at home with our daughter who is 6 months old. She had some premie issues but is very healthy now and she is SUCH a good baby. So far, I’m astonished at how much down time I have. I feel like I’m bored 80% of the day. I love hanging out with my daughter and we just play play play when she’s awake but she naps a lot and so I’m very bored. I’m use to working 50 hours a week, taking care of her, and getting the house stuff done so not working seems easy (in my situation) for me in comparison. She is our only child and extremely well behaved. My husband only works 4 days a week so the 3 days hes off we do family fun stuff like go to the park and watch movies and visit with family. What should I do in my downtime? I clean a couple houses a week to make an extra few hundred bucks. I’m just use to being busy 24/7 and need to find things to do because being bored gives me anxiety 😅 what are some things I should do or you guys do in your downtime?