Not posting a social media announcement


Hey guys! This isn’t an announcement, but I was looking for “announcement advice.”

We have experienced a miscarriage and it was really hard to to see friends and family post about their pregnancies. Because of that, we have decided to not post on social media about our rainbow baby so we can help ease the struggle for others like me.

We are thinking of taking some cute pictures and actually creating a mail-out pregnancy announcement and then we will post on social media when the baby is born. I’m trying to make a list of who gets one, but as I start to think about more and more people that would be hurt if they weren’t told, the list gets longer and longer. Has anyone announced to a tight circle? How did you choose who got to know and who got to find out later? I don’t want to hurt anyone mainly because it’s not worth the drama, but I really don’t want to broadcast the pregnancy.