Options to start leave early?


I'm 31+4 today, and generally pretty miserable at this point. Sciatica, dizziness, cramping, B+H contractions, all the fun stuff. I'm carrying a high risk baby (though the pregnancy itself is considered normal), because he has a serious heart defect that will require open heart surgery within his first week. My docs are totally ready and willing to write me a note excusing me from work for the remainder of the pregnancy, they've already restricted me to 4 8-hour shifts per week and limited a few activities I'm not allowed to do on the job. It's certainly a job that requires physical effort, I'm on my feet for 95% of my shift doing moderate intensity labor. However, short term disability through my Union (lucky me, I'm in the US but at least I have a union job!!) will only cover 4 weeks pre-delivery, which I'm already scheduled to start a week early since we know that I'll be induced. I work more hours than my husband, so I'm a bigger breadwinner in the house. Does anyone know of options for people going through a tough pregnancy? My only reason for continuing to work is financial - I would much rather stop, but we simply can't afford it. We're fairly low income, working poor; I've got Medicaid and WIC helping me out with some of the pregnancy costs, but there's no way to pay the bills on only his ~25 hours per week... He's been asking for extra hours for months now, they're simply not available, and since he has sick hours and a bit of vacation banked, we aren't looking at new jobs right now because he needs those benefits when little guy gets here in a couple months.