Opinions/ Advice needed 😩😩


Hey everyone,

I’m looking for advice and or opinions before I freak out prematurely! I purchased the Easy@Home ovulation/hcg test kit off Amazon. We have been trying for a few months without doing any tracking so this is my first time..

My last AF was from March 14th-17th. Glow predicted my ovulation as March 25th, but I got negative OPK’s until April 4th. I work in an oil field so I work 14 days on and 14 days off. When I went back to work i forgot my tests so I didn’t test for 10 days. I finally had time after work to drive back to town, so I picked them up and went back out to work.

On April 15th I had a surge where my test line was much darker than the control. This lasted for three days, then four, then five, and as of this morning I was still testing high! I read the forum here and decided to take the HCG test and lo and behold there is a line....

Could this be a mistake? Has anyone gotten false positives from Easy@Home before? I am just so confused!!

Any help/ advice/ opinions would be really appreciated!