Set little goals for yourself

I lost about 65 pounds and found that it helps if you set little weight loss goals for yourself. For example: if you weigh 175, set your goal weight at 170 or 165, just 5-10 pounds less than you are. It really feels good when you reach the goal you set for yourself because you will reach it quicker than you would your actual goal weight. Also, weigh yourself every morning and you will see how you are doing. Once I started weighing myself everyday, I was able to stay the same weight or go down in my weight. I told my mom to start weighing herself everyday and she didn't want to because she didn't want to know her weight, but now that she has been weighing herself everyday, she has lost a noticeable amount of weight (about 30 pounds). She told me she should have started weighing herself sooner.

So my tips are:

-Set little weight loss goals for yourself

-Weigh yourself every morning (before you eat or drink anything and after you use restroom)

I hope this helps

Good luck everyone!