No more cramps!


I have had excruciating cramps during my period for the last several months and I wanted to share with you all what has helped me SO MUCH.

It’s called “Black Haw”, it’s an herb that I take as a tincture. It’s native to North America and it works by relaxing smooth muscle. I take 2 droppers-full every half hour or so as long as I’m cramping.

Seriously, I had been doubled over in bed for an entire day or even two and now I take a bit of my black haw probably twice a day while I’m bleeding and I have almost no pain.

Another great herb for cramping is called “Cramp Bark”, it’s very similar to black haw but it’s not native to North America (I try to stick with herbs that grow near me, if I can) which is why I picked black haw as a first choice.

Spread the word! I hope other people can find menstrual cramp relief from herbs as I have.

Black haw

Black haw