feeling quite done with it all

I feel that I should be enjoying pregnancy and i feel bad for saying this but at 35 weeks I'm just done. I have had "morning" sickness everyday since I was 6 weeks pregnant. All day everyday until I was 20-25wks, went down to once a day for a bit but last few weeks it's been back with a vengeance. I'm tried but i can sleep, my body feel like it betrays me anytime I move. No position is comfortable and as soon as I feel somewhat ok my hearturn or nasua kicks in and i have to move anyway. I am still working full time and am at the point of breaking down. Everyone else I know who is pregnant or has been recently can't seem to relate as they found it to be such an amazing time and dont understand why I'm complaining. Anyway this is for all you other pregnant ladies out their that don't feel like a magical unicorn of life. I'm with you and we can do this.