My husband just doesnt take this seriously

Wants to have kids but with his low sex drive, he doesnt even try hard enough to make sure we at least have sex during the fertile days which we arent even sure of because Im irregular so instead Ive been wanting us to just cover all the basis by doing it every other day just in case, but with his demanding physical job he comes home with zero energy and his way of relaxing is by watching tv when thats the best time for us to try and have sex while hes still somewhat alert and awake but instead he ends up passing out on the couch. And is currently snoring away on it yet again. I am so upset with him and worst part is he doesnt even know it right now. Ive brought this up numerous times and we would talk it out and come to an agreement but then the same shit continues to reoccur with him. At this point Im done even trying because then he becomes defensive and it causes a fight and distance between us. We have been trying for 7 months and been married 7 years, and at first I always wondered if one of us is infertile but starting to think its just his casualty about the whole thing, because of him we miss so many chances. I dont know what to do anymore.