Partner Doesn’t Help Much


My baby boy was born on 13/03/18.

He’s now 6 weeks old Tuesday.

My partner is a green keeper on a golf course so he starts work at 5/6 & gets up an hour before his start times & then finishes about 2:30.

I am on maternity leave until December this year. I’m 26 & since I was 12 I have suffered with heart problems & currently under the care of a cardiologist.

Whilst I was pregnant my urge to clean got really bad & since having my baby I think it’s because I’m a little depressed & cleaning is the only way I can relax..

I’m feeling that my partner really doesn’t help me, I do all the cleaning & the washing.

He does the cooking but to be honest for the last few weeks we’ve barely had a cooked meal!!, takeaways & McDonald’s lol!!.

We are constantly arguing, I get up to do the night feeds every night during the week which yes that’s fair enough he’s got to be up early etc!, he does work some weekends also. But is it to much to ask that during the night sometimes he helps out, especially when he can hear the baby screaming his head off whilst I’m downstairs making his bottle!!..

He will go to bed latest about 11, then will have a full nights sleep then when he’s home the next day he constantly goes on about how bloody tired he is!!!!.

I bath the baby @ 9pm then do a feed after this, so by the time I get into bed it’s about 11ish then it’s time for another feed at 1am but baby stirs & moans an hour before every bottle.

He has colic and acid reflux.

So I’m getting about 4 hours sleep a night.

As I’m making sure baby is burped properly before I put him back into his crib as he is very sick and has a lot of wind!!!.

The arguing is getting to the point now where I am considering asking the doctor for antidepressants, I just feel down every day & it’s completely ruining my experience as a new mother.

I feel ill almost everyday, high blood pressure, headaches & c section scar is still hurting!!.

I just don’t know wether I’m asking to much of him, but what I do know is that I’m struggling & not getting the support I need even though I constantly ask for it!

How hard is it after he’s walked the dog to clean his paws so he doesn’t get my just cleaned floor dirty or when he’s had breakfast put the dishes into the dishwasher crikey the list goes on!!!.

Help!! I need advice, considering calling it a day & going it alone!!

Also I should mention my partner plays football every other Wednesday & goes to watch football whenever his team are at home !!!!